Timecount Product News
Sineax DM5S- Multi-Transducer, Universal Measurement Device for Power Grids

Kinax HW730
Measuring Transducer for Angle of Rotation for Hollow-shafts, with a Rugged Design

Multifunctional Power Monitor with System Analysis
- with Modbus or PROFIBUS Interface

Baumer IVO News
Counter & Position Displays for virtually any application. See our portfolio page for further information.

Pixsys News
ATR621 Process Controllers with 15 Programmable Cycles and 45 steps




Timecount (Pty) Ltd
 has been a leading solutions provider to the South African Industrial Automation sector. We have been providing sound LV & HV Electrical solutions, Power Quality instrumentation, Energy Management, Temperature, Position and Counting solutions for the past 30 years. Our backing of established International principals like, Camille Bauer (Switzerland), Gossen Metrawatt (Germany), Baumer IVO (Germany), Bauser (Germany, Lumel (Poland), Rishabh Instruments (India), Hugo Muller (previously Lanfer Paladin- Germany) and our locally manufactured range of Redbox 11 pin plug in Timers, Controllers and Relays has enabled us to provide solutions for virtually any form of Timing, Counting, Process Automation and Energy Monitoring application. We are certainly able to tailor-make a solution for YOUR application.

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