Gossen Metrawatt News
Power Quality Meters, Recorders, Transducers Angle & Temp Transmitters, Test & Measurement Instruments

Baumer IVO
Counters for Automation, Tachometers & Encoders, Distance & Angle Measurement, Ultrasonic Sensors

Temperature Controllers & Sensors, PLC's, HMI's, Ramping Controller,

Rishabh Instruments
Electrical Transducers, Power Meters, Maximum Demand Meters, Inslation Testers, Signal Converters, Energy Management Systems & Isolators

Analogue Meters, Digital Meters, I.O Modules, Converters, PLC's, HMI's, Bargraph Indicators & Recorders

Hugo Muller
Time Switches, Solar Time Switches, Multifunction Relays, Staircase Lighting Timers, Masterclocks

Camille Bauer
Electrical Transducers, Signal Converters, Energy Management, Angle Transmitters Process Instruments


New Premium Class transducer
for energy metering: Class 0.5S up to 16 tarrifs. Read more..


New Touch Screen Energy Meter with quick and easy to use interface. Read more..


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